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Ursula B&W

Growing up in a musical family - two younger sisters, being the middle child and having an older brother, I am a 30 year old female who lives in the lovely Okanagan. My sisters used to play the piano growing up, now they have gone their own ways to becoming something professional, while I chose to stick to what I love most - music. My brother and his wife live overseas in Abu Dhabi teaching Music and English. Parents have always loved music, so they wanted to have private piano lessons in the home. I grew up playing the violin at age two, but quit by the age of five then switched to piano because I didn't like my violin teacher. I have been playing the piano since I was five years old.

I took Royal Conservatory of Music private lessons. Came 1st and 2nd with Honours with most certificates and grades. Made it up to Grades 8 and 9 Piano. Have my Preliminary Rudiments certificate. Played in three local bands and joined in bands to jam in. I own two keyboards. A Roland Juno G and a YAMAHA. I have played professionally and toured in a band called "Michigan Curve", from Victoria, B.C.


I write my own songs and do my own voice from the program Garage Band. I do not lie or cheat. I am loyal and an honest musician. I used to play in church bands. I now am able to independently create my own style of music. Dubstep/House. DJ Foxsaey - because my last name is Fox. I enjoy music, and hope you enjoy my type of music. It may be a bit different from what you listen to daily, but just sit and take a listen. :) ENJOY!